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~ Rumi
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I reach out to you today with a message of transformation and rebirth. It has been with great honor and privilege that I have birthed and lead The Karuna Shala for the past 7 years. At this time in my life the universe calls me to serve in a different way and with an open heart, I have decided that The Karuna Shala will close it's doors at the end of June.

As some of you know, my husband and I will welcome our 2nd daughter by summer's end and hope for relocation to Hunterdon County, NJ within the next year. In addition, my own practice has shifted, making my life path more clear. I have learned a great deal more about Ayurveda in the last few years, coupled with my massage training, I have grown very passionate about women's healing. I also look forward to implementing all that I learned in India last year with my teacher, Niika Quistgard, as I take another journey though birthing another Devi Goddess! I have already served some women in their delicate post-partum time and look forward to more opportunities.

I would have never predicted all that I would have learned or how I would have grown during this journey! I cannot express how grateful I am for the experience, I am truly a better person because of YOU, our community. I want to THANK and HONOR the teachers who have served our intimate space in such dedicated fashion. Without you we would not have had almost 7 years of successful service, transformation and healing.

Please mark your calendar for our 
An afternoon of food, hugs and Kirtan with Devadas and Raghavendra.
Studio Closure Announcement!
A Message of Transformation....
Final Day of Yoga Classes will be Sunday, June 28th.
Up till that point we will be IN FULL SERVICE!
Yoga classes, Treatments, Ayurvedic Consultations, etc. We are dedicated to keeping the Abundance Dancing till the final day!

Our prices and packages will remain the same and we will
NOT be offering ANY REFUNDS. However, I promise to give everyone as many opportunities to use up packages till the final day by keeping the class schedule full and continuing to allow people to share their classes with friends and family.

If you would like to know the status of your package, please email me: ivy@thekarunashala.org

With much Love & Respect,
Ivy Giacchino-Berrocal