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Saturday, December 6th

Devadas is a kirtaniya, composer and songwriter hailing from Brooklyn, New York who has been leading kirtans at satsangs, yoga studios, meditation centers and temples all over New York, the U.S. and India.
In 2013, Devadas released Brooklyn Mellows, which features a collection of musicians and singers from the vibrant New York City kirtan scene and beyond. He has also recorded and performed with Krishna Das, Wah, Nina Rao, Gaura Vani and others. He has also released “Bhajans”, an album of traditional chants as well as three albums of original compositions, “Ocean – Songs for Amma”, “Shine Shine On” and “Milton’s Glen”. As a composer, he's collaborated with indie rocker J Mascis to score the soundtrack to the feature documentary One Track Heart / The Story of Krishna Das (2012) and as a producer, worked with Nina Rao on her 2013 release Antarayaami - Knower of All Hearts. Devadas regularly produces sacred music events to benefit his Guru, Amma ( Mata Amritanandamayi) Embracing the World humanitarian charities.

Kirtan and Holiday Party w. Devadas