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Ayurvedic Cooking w. Diana

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Tuesday, October 21st
$55.00 by 10/17, $65 after

WHAT IT OJAS AND HOW DO I GET SOME?!! An Ayurvedic cooking class with Diana Bellofatto Winter is on its way and we all know that along with it, colds and flu can strike hitting us hard. How do we avoid colds, flu, and other imbalances? Having strong immunity is like armor that protects us from illness and ojas is that armor. Strength, immunity, life sap, and bodily essence are some words that describe ojas. The quality of our ojas is determined by the quality of our diet and lifestyle. A healthy diet and lifestyle produce good quality ojas that nourishes our bodily tissues, provides energy, and protects us from imbalances. Because having good digestion is paramount to producing high quality ojas, we will discuss spices that aid in digestion and assimilation of nutrients, the eating habits that benefit us in winter, and a list of foods that contain a lot of ojas. Then, we will take all that into the kitchen to cook up some delicious recipes that support digestion and production of awesome ojas! We will be eating! Everyone will go home with a folder of recipes and recommendations for staying balanced in winter and a jar of warming winter spice mix.