Karuna Shala
'Let the beauty of what you love be what you do'  
~ Rumi
Yoga & Ayurveda Studio

Karuna Shala Yoga & Ayurveda® 
Yoga Nidra w. Amy Orrell-Branco
For Daily Inspirations...
Saturday, September 27h
$20 by 9/24, $25 after

Come and experience divine sleep! Yoga Nidra will bring you new levels of relaxation and profound rest. Give yourself permission to balance and restore. The meditative practice of Yoga Nidra offers the opportunity to heal and recharge. It unifies mind, body and spirit by allowing your body to relax in a deep way!
There is nothing to do but lie down and listen. Bring a journal to record any impressions or experiences you may have as you move closer to new levels of peace and vibrant health. Yoga nidra: an ancient remedy for modern day stress.
*open to all levels