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'Let the beauty of what you love be what you do'  
~ Rumi
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Ancient Ayurvedic texts have long recognized the importance of touch for wellbeing. Abhyanga is a luxurious massage using warm Ayurvedic oil and long fluid strokes to calm the body and mind. 
"Sneha", the Sanskrit word for warm oil can be translated as both "oil" and "love". So in Ayurveda, there is an inherent connection between enveloping the body in oil and in love, providing nurturing, grounding, and compassion. 
Other benefits to receiving an Abhyanga massage are: improves circlulation, increases lymphatic flow (aiding in detoxification) and rejuvenates.  

So if you are feeling overworked, anxious, stressed, dry, or the winter is getting you down, give this massage a try! 

To schedule an appointment call the studio at 973.743.1211 
or email Ivy:  karunagoddess@gmail.com

What others have experienced:
"Receiving the gift of Ivy's attention, hands & heart was a deep healing experience. My mind & body felt renewed days after my treatment!! GO! You're in good hands!" - Stacy

"Having received Abhyanga massages in India, I can say that Ivy offers nothing less than the real thing! I lose time on the table--complete bliss and relaxation." -Laura Beth

"Ivy is a true healer in every sense of the word. Her Ayurvedic treatments are not only therapeutic but also carry with them a spiritual essence-leaving you feeling more aligned in body, mind, and spirit. Her nurturing and healing hands will leave you feeling restored and renewed with a greater sense of clarity and presence." -Anna

"I had just given birth when I went to Ivy to receive my first Abhyanga massage. It was definitely an amazing experience. Ivy made me feel completely comfortable in my post-birth skin. The massage was therapeutic and relaxing and allowed me to reflect on the journey that I had just taken. The experience also re-centered my focus and allowed me to gather up my strength to stay on newborn mama duty. I would definitely recommend this. You are in good hands with Ivy!" -Marisa

Winter Special! 
Abyangha Massage for $81 (reg. $108)