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'Let the beauty of what you love be what you do'  
~ Rumi
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It's been about a month since I reached out announcing my transition and The Karuna Shala's closing.

These last few weeks have brought many conversations with staff, students and community. The conversations were filled with lots of emotion and the desire to see the Karuna Shala continue it's many offerings. In addition, I have been excited to receive some parties interested in purchase! All of these things have lead me to see if Karuna Shala has a chance to live on and continue it's magic!

So....The Karuna Shala will go up for sale! 
This Friday I will host an open house before our Kirtan to meet with anyone interested in taking over the studio. I am open to all possibilites. The price for the studio will be set by the parties interested!

If you cannot make it to the Open House, but are interested in speaking with me regarding taking over the studio please email me: ivy@thekarunashala.org

With much Love & Respect,
Ivy Giacchino-Berrocal
Karuna Shala FOR SALE!?!